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Does the WaterSafe City Water Test Kit Test for THM’s and Other Disinfection Byproducts? -- This morning we received an inquiry from 'Marlaina' who asked, " Hi. Does your city water check test for thms and other disinfectant products?" Thank you for the questions, Marlaina.  The WaterSafe City Water Test Kit does not detect THM's ...... full article posted 10/12/2017

What are the Color Blocks (Levels) for the Peroxide Strips? --

This morning we received an inquiry from 'Kallie' who asked, "Found your peroxide strip product on google and assume it has 5 or 6 color blocks, but what are the levels?"

Thank you, Kallie, for the question.  The color chart on the Peroxide Check test strips that we carry has (7) seven color blocks at the following levels:  0.05, 2.0, 5.0, 10, 25, 50 and 100 ppm (mg/L).

Who needs to test for (hydrogen) peroxide?

Abbreviated as H2O2, hydrogen peroxide works as a powerful oxidizer and its uses include treating minor cuts and scratches, washing various food items, and sanitizing hot tubs & swimming pools that use the Baquacil® (or other biguanide) sanitizer system.

... full article posted 10/05/2017

Vinyl Chloride Testing in Air and Water…. but What About Chloramines? -- This morning we heard from 'Steve', a gentleman who had previously asked us by email about testing for vinyl chloride in air and water.  In our initial reply we informed him that  National Testing Laboratories offered several mail-in wat...... full article posted 09/15/2017

Does the WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit Detect E. Coli? -- We recently received an email from 'Teri' who asked, "Hi.  We're looking at the WaterSafe Well Test Kit and want to know if it tests for E. Coli. Thanks." Good morning, Teri, and thank you for the question. The WaterSafe Well Water T...... full article posted 09/15/2017

Should I Drain My Pool In Advance of a Hurricane? -- We just received an inquiry from ‘Bekki’ who asked, “With (hurricane) Irma coming at us should we drain our inground pool before we evacuate for higher ground?” Thank you for your inquiry, Bekki, and we hope you and everyone else potentially in Hurricane Irma’s way the best of luck and safe travels. Should you drain […]... full article posted 09/07/2017

Well Water Test Kit That Includes Manganese and Magnesium? -- We recently received an inquiry from 'Marilyn' who asked, "I need to test my well water in order to determine the correct equipment to get for filtration and softening. Your sen safe water test kit seems the most appropriate, but I do not see tests...... full article posted 09/06/2017

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